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Who Are Learning Disability Voices?

Learning Disability Voices comprises charities, not-for-profit and independent sector companies who provide learning disability services in the UK, including the likes of Voyage Care, United Response, Lifeways, The Wilf Ward Family Trust, Hft and Mencap - together representing 20% of the total sector provision.

The learning disability sector cares for the UK’s most vulnerable people, who often require 24-hour support delivered by one or more carers to ensure that their needs are met.

For too long now our sector has had to cope with increasingly damaging local government cuts and has been forced to drive operational efficiencies to keep fees static. However, as we are paid for the hours of care we deliver, we cannot reduce frontline staffing to cut costs further.

In other words, we have no further scope to cut our costs without reducing the quality of the services we provide – which is not a moral or viable choice for us. With this in mind, LD Voices exists to champion the learning disability sector and push for crucial policy changes to ensure a sustainable future for quality learning disability care.

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